P.Devi More Mauli Bathn siwan


Get set to change the way you look at schools. ‘A‘ level qualifications from Nursery to Class 10. It is Siwan’s oldest and largest School and is also a gateway to a global learning community.

While emphasizing the key milestones of education, TCS, an international school, encourages young minds to focus on their strengths. This is most evident in the Advanced Level qualifications (A Levels) that allow in-depth specialization by balancing knowledge and skill.

In the present day, location plays a crucial role in facilitating convenience in our lives. The Shiv Public School is one of the most conveniently located schools in Siwan, well-connected by public transport. The Shiv Public school buildings are situated a few steps away from the P.devi more to mauli bathan Siwan intersection, close to buses, minibuses, taxis, and services.
Classes in TCS, one of the top schools are held in two completely refurbished buildings, redesigned to meet the requirements of a modern school, its students, and faculty. To boost the performance of teachers, and students, classrooms and other key chambers are air-conditioned. The courtyards are spacious and serve as play areas for TCS students.